Aerial Photography for the front range

why skywrangler aerial photography?

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SkyWrangler Aerial Photography & Video

5 Reasons you need Aerial Photography and Video

  • Increased Views

    • Aerial photography and video pulls potential clients and buyers in. With increased views, the faster the sale.

  • Target Serious Viewers

    • Most people want to make sure a property is the right choice for them before taking time to go out and see it. Using aerial photography and video allows clients to see a much larger property overview.

  • Legal Issues

    • Flying a drone for commercial reasons can be a tricky and ,sometimes, illegal.  Real estate and insurance agents MUST have a license if taking their own photography or video for use in selling or inspecting properties. Even using your own aerial video and photos in a monetized YouTube video is considered illegal!  Using a licensed and insured aerial photographer, like SkyWrangler, will almost eliminate these worries.

  • Up-to-date Imaginary

    • Publicly available satellite images are often years, if not decades, out of date. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to update these. Using "drones" for your aerial imaginary can allow you to get regular updates on your site's progress with out breaking the bank.

  • Others in the Market

    • Aerial photography and video is now considered a must in some markets. SkyWrangler Aerial can provide you with beautiful photos and video to ensure your property is not passed over!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fly at night?

We can fly from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sun set. If your project requires night time photography, contact us for further details.

How high can you fly?

In most cases we can fly up to 400 feet above the ground. This is usually more than enough to get full site shots. If your project requires higher altitudes, contact us for further information.

How long will you be on site?

Most projects can be completed in under one hour. Larger sites or projects with different locations may require a slightly longer time on site. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

Is it legal to pay for aerial photography?

Yes, as long as your aerial photographer is licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration. Always ensure your aerial photographer is licensed, there can be hefty fines for both parties for flying a “drone” for any commercial used if there is not a licensed remote pilot present.

Providing beautiful aerial photography and video is like playing the Violin. Sure anyone can drag the bow over the strings and make noise but only those that have practiced can truly make music. To touch the strings the right way and move the bow in unison takes talent. Same goes for a aerial photography and video.

Approaching a subject, descending, panning up and slowing in unison can make the shot. Any of the moves not done fluidly can mess it up. It takes practice to get it right 10 out of 10 times, but there many who think they are hot shots straight out of the box. Sure some get lucky and some have a nac but for the most part most of what they captured is, less than desirable.

The trend of using aerial photography continues to grow everyday. As we see more, it is much easier to tell the difference between an aerial photographer with talent and experience and a "fly-by-night" drone pilot. Pilots with SkyWrangler have years of experience and thousands of hours behind the controls of unmanned systems. Call or message us today so we can begin capturing beautiful aerial photography for you! 719-888-9UAS


"Such beautiful work! I love that he was a soldier as well and did this professionally with them too! I want to use Brady for many things to come!!"
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"Providing Colorado's front range aerial photography and video is something I love doing. Being a former military 'drone' operator, I have continued my passion and continually strive to produce the best possible aerial shots in Colorado!"
-Brady M., Owner & Operator